Alternative therapies for Autism & Activities for Kids

Alternative therapies for Autism, Asperger’s Disease, ADD and ADHD

Heart disease in children was included in what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called a “major health threat” in 2007.

These problems have been defined by behavioral, social and educational problems. Ten years ago, Autism was a rare disease affecting about 1 in 10,000 children today autism affects 1 in 150 children !!! It affects men twice as much as women.

1.5 million children entering school this year will be diagnosed with a form of mental illness that impairs learning and co-operation. That is one child out of 6 between the ages of 5 and 6! awesome !!!

Why do these conditions often occur? Well, there are many reasons for this: maternal health, dyspareunia, heredity, environmental pollution, vaccinations, injuries, etc. The letter goes on … what we do know is how these children are affected.

So let us examine what it means. The cerebral cortex consists of two cerebral cortex, left and right. One of the left is what we are going to do with the oil pedal. The right side is called the frenulum. It focuses on the development of the right cortex (hemisphere), a natural system for everyone in the first two years of life.

After the first 2 years, the vertebrae change to the left cortex (right cortex still grows, but the vertebrae change). To understand why these children develop behavioral, social and educational problems, we need to understand what the brain does and why. right cortex

When the right cerebral hemisphere is affected during the first two years of development, gastrointestinal function is also affected. For example, nonverbal communication is the basis of words. Non-verbal communication is the ability to understand and interpret the body. If poor communication is not developed, language skills will be difficult or lack thereof.

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Children with disabilities can read well but cannot explain what they read. They can also do well in math, but not in advanced math. Depressed children have negative feelings. They seem evocative, anxious and futile. Think yes = brakes, left = gas!

As the cortex controls the amount of muscle tissue in our body, adolescents often experience rapid and impaired intelligence. Examples: Coordination, collaboration and editing.

Mental illness is often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and Compulsive Disorder.

The left brain cannot affect children on the other side. For interest in reading, let’s say that the most commonly diagnosed conditions are those of the left cerebral palsy: dyslexia, cognitive impairment, central nervous system problems, learning disabilities, literacy and choice mutism.

Now that we know and understand what both zones are doing, we know how to fix it. Dezie ya ??? Yes, if there is weakness on the right side of the brain (most children have severe pain on the right side of the brain … remember, the right cortex is produced during 2 years first) we know how to fix it. .and so on. How can we do this?

With the treatment of the brain stimulation. Each time you stimulate different parts of the brain, those brain regions light up = light neurons (neurons are what make up our brain).

Think about it if you lifted a pound of weight over a long period of time, what would your body gain? It will only get worse! If you stimulate / stimulate certain areas of your brain, it will only get worse! With the defined nerve program, it is possible to strengthen the brain in certain parts of the brain.

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So, if you have weakness on the right side of the brain, we should do a muscle exercise to strengthen the area of = strength = increased autism, ADD, ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome.

All of this goes through unhealthy exercise, no medication or surgery!

That was half the battle, the other half working with the kids.

Autism Articles: Autism Activities for Kids

Have your own world. This could explain what autism is. It is a very serious mental illness that affects millions of people around the world. Interpersonal and communication skills are affected.

Research shows that most parents experience this problem during the first two years of life. It is important for children with autism to understand how to live a normal life. Autism in children helps parents and caregivers solve this problem. Here are some suggestions:

1. Address. Sick children do well! Because I’m glad to be back. Ask your child to talk to you through different animals. Also try different car sounds like train and boat sounds. You can show movements like brushing your teeth, cutting your hair and more! A simple task that can put you in a fun game.

2. Song. Since children with autism excel at making noise, it is best to teach them simple music. It will make your voice louder than just screaming. Most shades play well because it is good. Singing is a great way to manage your child’s stress.

Three. Art and board games. Teach your child with simple drawings. He will make your face more radiant and help you be more patient. Simple board games have also been shown to promote brain development.

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It also gives children a sense of accomplishment when they can succeed and win! It is important not to give them difficult games as they can interfere. Get them first by giving them a simple puzzle or a simple house block.

4. Sports. It is one of the autistic behaviors of a child that can lead to demeanor and self-esteem. Choose a game that suits you and does not require too much thought. You will notice that some children with autism are able to perform well in sports. Since children with autism find it difficult to adapt and develop relationships, it is important to take care of them first.

5. Security. It is undoubtedly the most important of all autistic disorders in children. Children with this disease need more parental care for their safety and security. Include routines and non-daily routines when moving home. Create simple rules to avoid collisions. Regular exercise and support will help protect your child.

Not all children with autism grew up living healthy lives, but some did. At least in education, working out regularly that can help them distract from freedom.

Helping them at an early age can reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of mental illness. The key is storytelling early. Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more children and parents.

Autism should not be a burden in the family. Autism is incurable, but early diagnosis can make a big difference. Visit the Autism Services for children to learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatment of autism.